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Start Your Listing By Selecting One of Our Packages:

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6 Month, 6 Photo Local MLS Listing

6 Month, 25 Photo Local MLS Listing

 12 Month, 25 Photo Local MLS Listing

All Packages Include...


• Sell on your own and pay no commission!
• Select a Buyer's Agent Commission of Your Choice
• IDX Websites - Listing will be displayed on hundreds of realtor web sites locally. 
• State Required Forms & Disclosures
•Quick Status Changes
• Seller's contact shown on MLS

• Listing on:

How it Works:

- Pay for a Listing Package ($129-$219)

   Select a package above and provide our Office with your property address. 

- Complete Executed Listing Instructions & Photo Upload

   Digitally complete e-mailed Instructions from the listing office and upload photos. 


- Listing Gets Activated!

  Approximately 24 hours after completion your listing will be MLS listed (shortly            afterwards your listing will appear on Zillow,, etc.) 


How It Works/ FAQs


  • Can I make changes to my Flat Fee listing?
    Yes. Some examples of changes that can be made are price, photos, buyer's agent commission, public remarks, etc. You will not incur additional fees for these changes.
  • What fees will I pay doing a Flat Fee listing with Add a Listing, LLC?
    In almost every case you will only ever pay us a one-time flat fee for our service (contact our office for questions on specific MLSs at (707) 502-9149). Note: It is important to note that if a buyer's agent brings you a buyer and you accept an offer you will need to pay them a commission. All commission is negotiable, but the average is around 2-3% and will need to be stated up front upon entering the MLS. It should be noted that if your home sells to an unrepresented buyer you will not be responsible for paying a commission to any agent. You are required to offer a buyer's agent compensation as per MLS rules.
  • How do Buyer's Agents/Buyers contact me?
    Buyer's agents contact the Seller directly to set up showings. The Seller's contact information is placed in the "Showing Instructions" of the MLS for buyer's agents to see. However, it is a violation of the MLS for a Seller's contact information to be placed in the Public Remarks section or on Partner MLS Websites (Zillow,, etc). Any emails inquiries are forwarded directly to you as well.
  • I have never heard of a service like this. Does the MLS allow these listings?
    Absolutely! Not only does our business model help create competition in the brokerage business which benefits consumers, but it is also endorsed by the United States Department of Justice. You can read about it at the following link:
  • Who is Add A Listing, LLC?
    Add A Listing, LLC is a licensed real estate brokerage in Florida (Lic. # CQ1065877). Our company provides a web based solution that provides consumers access to MLS. Our service connects consumers with licensed Flat Fee agents in the area where the property is located. The listing will then be entered into database of the MLS. We cover all 50 states.
  • Will buyer's agents show my property?
    Yes. If you are offering a competitive commission via the MLS to buyer's agents (usually 2-3%), buyer's agents will show your property. Buyer's agents will NOT show properties that are not offering a commission via the MLS.
  • Will I be listed in the same MLS that agents use?
    Yes, with Add a Listing you will always be listed on the same MLS that local agents use. Your listing will appear in the same feed as all other listings on the MLS. The only difference with a Flat Fee listing is that we will instruct all buyer's agents to contact you for showings, etc. Additionally, there are about 700 MLSs across the United States. We will always list you in the "correct" MLS that serves the area where the property is geographically located (unless you instruct us otherwise). This is very important.
  • Why Flat Fee MLS is superior to traditional FSBO?
    Listing your property on the MLS will give you access to thousands of local Realtors representing buyers (known as buyer's agents). Additionally, accessing the MLS means that your listing will be syndicated to hundreds of national real estate websites. Some of the notable websites where buyers will be able to locate your listing include:, Trulia, Zillow, Redfin, Movoto,,, Yahoo! Real Estate,,, AOL Real Estate,,, Coldwell Banker, Re/Max,, Century 21, etc. Many websites like are only available to MLS sellers. They have no FSBO option. Flat Fee MLS sellers also see benefit when it comes to average days on market and the amount of money that a seller will see at closing. Studies show that the median sold price on the MLS was about 17% higher than homes sold off of the MLS. Source: Note: The above list of syndicated websites is subject to change.
  • I was told that my Flat Fee listing would appear on Zillow but I am already listed as a FSBO on Zillow. What is the difference?
    When a buyer conducts a search on Zillow the default search results only show properties listed on the MLS. (See the example on the left). Using our example, a buyer was searching for property in Miami. The results of that search produce only properties listed on the MLS. The only way that a buyer can find a FSBO listing is by clicking on the "Other listings" tab. This significantly reduces the number of buyers who are seeing your property.
  • What exactly is flat fee MLS?
    Flat fee MLS is a term used to describe a practice in which realtors place pertinent information about a property for sale into the database of the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS) for flat fee as opposed to a commission based on the contract selling price. All the benefits associated with an MLS listing will be realized at a fraction of the cost. You can read more about what the MLS is here:

What Our Customers Are Saying:

"I'm pleased to report that I've now used this service twice and both times far exceeded my expectations. Exemplary service and especially responsiveness."

Justin L.

"I always did a FSBO in the past, but my flat fee paid to get me on the MLS is by far more positive in reaching buyers with realtors for the least amount of money spent, yet getting the help i need to sell." 

Regina M.

I wanted to list it on the MLS and I was not using a Sellers Realtor. One phone call and everything is all set!!! So easy and painless"

David M.

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